Nuru massage in Prague

NURU gel massage is one of the forms of a contact massage in which not only hands are used, but the whole body. Our Relax Angel Salon also offers oil body massages but these two procedures are very different. We recommend you to try both and see which one feels more pleasant to you. In any case we guarantee that our young and beautiful masseuses master their work perfectly so whichever massage you choose, you will get the best care.

Japanese traditional massage techniques are among the best and most sought after. With its origins in historical spa houses, nuru massage is very popular. For centuries it has been able to provide an erotic experience that is never forgotten. What is nuru massage and why to try it?

NURU gel and its qualities

NURU gel is of Japanese origin and it is made from the extracts of nori seaweed. Its most striking quality is slipperiness („Nuru” in fact means „slippery “, or „viscid”), which makes it practically ideal for use in body massages. In combination with the wet bodies of both client and masseuse it is therefore very suitable for erotic body to body massage which will fill you with a wide scale of intense experience.

NURU gel is completely free from any disturbing elements, having no color, odor or taste, and also being neither toxic nor allergenic. Its consistency is relatively thick (unlike oils), it does not dry up or get sticky, so it is really ideal base for sliding movements. Moreover, some substances contained in the gel have positive effect on human skin and hydrate it, maintaining its freshness.

How is nuru massage going on?

The massage starts with a pleasant shower which you can share with the masseuse if you wish. A slightly exciting shower with hot drops of water is an ideal start to the whole massage. Then nuru gel is spread all over your body and a completely naked masseuse gives you the actual massage with all her body. The unconventional technique involves the masseuse´s whole body. Inventiveness and proven sliding movements bring about incredibly exciting feelings that often lead to an orgasm, sometimes even repetitive. The massage is ended in the shower, where you will awake slowly and let the pleasant moments you have just experienced subside. After the shower you will be full of energy and amazing peace which will help you overcome upcoming challenging days till you come and visit us again.
Nuru massage is an unforgettable experience that you will want to repeat again soon. Our masseuses are ready to please you at any time and, thanks to the whole-body massage, bring you to the world of excitement, relaxation and strong orgasms. Tell our masseuse about your ideas and requirements and look at our offer of supplements that can be part of the nuru massage. Nuru massage is a full body massage and there is no sexual intercourse, not even for additional charge. The climax is a natural part of the massage, which does not mean the end of the massage as you can experience several orgasms.

NURU massages in Relax Angel Salon.

NURU massages are growing ever more popular in the Western countries, because many people are discovering the appeal of this procedure of oriental origin. It has lot of fans in Europe and in the USA. If you want to give it a try, you can very simply make an appointment in Relax Angel Salon and come to see us. We believe you will experience many intense feelings and you will be coming back again. With NURU gel massage you will achieve absolute harmony of body and mind!


What makes this massage different is the use of special platinum edition NURU GEL, according to the manufacturer 2-3 times slicker and thicker than standard NURU gels. This gel is expensive and you will have to pay extra for its use – 250 CZK for one person

How to order a massage?

Massage can be ordered in three ways. By phone, on-line reservations and SMS.


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