Oil Body to Body Massage

Do you want to experience the most „contact” massage currently available? In that case try the Oil body to body massage, or massage by the whole body. The masseuses actually use not only their hands, but also other parts of their naked bodies. We believe that this is a procedure for which you will be happy to return to our Relax Angel salon.

The course of oil body to body massage

The initial phase, in fact, is quite a common massage with the use of hands, but after some time the masseuse in her birthday suit begins touching her client with other parts of her body and the whole process thus acquires totally new dimensions. In the final phase the bodies of a masseuse and the client nearly join, certainly invoking intense feelings which many people lack rather often these days. If this is your case and you want to change it, do not hesitate by all means!

Why choosing this kind of massage?

The oil body to body massage certainly has the same effect as other kinds of massages, i.e. as a certain type of therapy to regenerate both body and mind. Body massage with the use of various oils, however, reaches further because it is one of the most powerful experiences you can imagine in this area. If you think you tried everything, we may give you a pleasant surprise.

Apart from regeneration of body and mind the oil body massage will provide you with amazing experience because you will achieve not only sexual excitement but also a number of sensual perceptions. Truly intense perception of the beauty of a naked female body is just one of them. So order the oil body to body massage today! In Relax Angel Salon you will moreover find a rich offer of other massages which will make you feel totally reborn.

How to order a massage?

Massage can be ordered in three ways. By phone, on-line reservations and SMS.


1) Phone call:

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3) Online reservation form

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