Sensual massage in Prague

Sensual massage is an erotic massage that interconnects the soul and the body. Unlike other kinds of massage, this massage is pleasure for the soul, it helps relaxation and gives the necessary loving care, which is often lacking nowadays. On top of that, the massage is also deeply erotic, often ending with orgasm. What to expect from sensual massage?

How is sensual massage going on

When meeting your beautiful masseuse, you can tell her about your ideas and ask about the actual course of the massage. Then she will take you to shower. If you wish, you can have a shower with the masseuse and tune in to the sensual experience that awaits you. Why not to wash everyday worries and dust of city life away? The following experience will be beyond day-to-day reality. The masseuse uses different parts of her body and attractive techniques that will please, fondle and excite you up to your climax. Orgasm is a natural part of this massage, however, subsequent relaxation, not only of your body but also of your mind, is important. Affectionate and empathic touches will fill you with love, delight and joy, and you will continue feeling that way even after leaving our salon.

Sensual massage is unconventional because, in addition to the body, it also concentrates on the soul. And it is the interconnection of the body and soul which is so important, giving warmth that a hungry soul needs in everyday stress. Even in a relationship things may cool down so much that there is desire for loving touches even though you have a partner. Even a single massage can awaken your sleeping self, waiting for the right touch. Whether you are single or not, desire for love is one of the basic needs to be fulfilled. Sensual massage will offer you love and eroticism – an experience that you will be longing to repeat soon.

Sensual massage includes a variety of touches and pleasures, however, it does not include sexual intercourse, not even for additional charge. Orgasm is a natural part and if it occurs before the end of the massage it does not mean the end.

How to order a massage?

Massage can be ordered in three ways. By phone, on-line reservations and SMS.


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