Tantra Oil Massage

Tantrism is a movement combining meditation and magic rituals, originating from India. „Tantra“ in fact means „fabric“, „warp“ or „spider web“. The meaning of the word actually emphasizes two cosmic principles, male and female, in mutual interaction. Although there are only women in Relax Angel Salon, the Tantra Oil Massages help to all clients to find peace and balance, which certainly is not a little thing. 

Tantric Massage – traditional „art of touch”

Tantra Massagea are much younger, being a part of the so-called neotantra, in which sexuality is combined with spirituality, helping to holistic interconnection of body and soul. It is, in fact, based on the „art of touch”, consisting of affectionate and healing hand touches of individual masseuses, which immediately activate energy of your body. The Tantric Massages also include joni and lingam massage, very gentle or even dynamic touches of hands. What else waits for you?

  • Head and Ears Massage
  • Washing by hot towels
  • Special aids: aromatherapeutic essences, fragrances and natural nourishing oils

Positive effects of Tantra oil massages

The impact of this massage is really powerful. Firstly, the satisfaction you experience in your private parts extends to all your body. And we have to praise other positive effects, too, for instance in case of problems with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction which is quite a common issue these days. Tantra oil massage will also relax you and relieve stress and tension in the whole body.

And we must not omit its impact on your mind, because it will help you to get rid of negative emotions. Thanks to Tantric oil massages you moreover will get a very deep experience which can be transferred to your sexual life. In connection with pleasant and cosy environment it can, in brief, harmonize you, and you will feel the effect for a long time!

How to order a massage?

Massage can be ordered in three ways. By phone, on-line reservations and SMS.


1) Phone call:

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3) Online reservation form

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