Tantric mix (basic)

Do you seek distraction after the whole day of strain? Do you want to experience something really sensual? If so, we recommend you to try an erotic massage combining pleasant relaxation with eroticism. You will experience unforgettable moments in the hands of a beautiful and young, yet experienced masseuse, either naked or dressed as you wish, maybe in sexy lingerie! So, if you are interested in trying something new, order an erotic massage in our salon. We guarantee maximum of discretion and privacy!

What is the course of a massage?

Tantric Mix Massage is a massage that contains all your favorite types of massages at the same time. The program consists of a relaxing massage for your whole body, sensual exciting body slides, tender kisses, cuddles and touches, massage of your intimate areas with unlimited orgasms, and of course, a shared shower. Based on your preferences, the duration of any part of the program can be prolonged or shortened.

Why to enjoy an erotic massage?

Techniques of massage, of course, can be used not only to reach or increase the sexual excitement, but also for the satisfaction without classical sex. All you need is to relax and put yourself in the hands of our masseuses; you will experience feelings close to ecstatic. Moreover, all that in the cosy environment where you will be able to completely „switch off“ and get rid of common troubles at least for tens of minutes or several hours. The emphasis, of course, is put on private parts, and you can also touch your masseuse.

What is the task of erotic massage?

Erotic massages are parts of human history since time immemorial, and for long time they were also used for medical purposes. In fact, they can be viewed as a kind of sexual therapy. Thanks to them, some men can learn more intense reactions to sensual stimuli, and others might be provided help from the problems with premature ejaculation, because erotic massages can get them relaxed and prolong their excitement.

Erotic massages can also loosen your sore or tense muscles, and will help you to achieve emotional release after a stressful day. As a matter of fact, being a combination of eroticism and therapy it can have all kinds of positive effects. So, you just need to do one thing – come to see Relax Angel Massage Salon and try the services of our masseuses yourselves – you will definitely not regret! Since there are several kinds of massages available, you can choose from various thematic areas.

How to order a massage?

Massage can be ordered in three ways. By phone, on-line reservations and SMS.


1) Phone call:

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3) Online reservation form

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