Tenga Massages

Japanese massages are nothing new in the Old Continent. But do you know what is a Tenga egg? It is a Japanese aid for men, which can be used for masturbation, or in erotic games with a partner. Relax Angel Salon offers a combination of erotic massages with these eggs – they will provide extraordinary experience to men of all ages. Thanks to Tenga massage you will be relieved from stress, get a new energy and enjoy great excitement. What more can one desire?

Tenga egg in practice

Tenga egg looks like a real egg (thereof its name) with just one difference: there is an opening on its wider top. It is mostly made of medical grade silicone and therefore very flexible, and adapts almost immediately to the body temperature. There are several kinds of Tenga eggs, so you will by no means get bored of them.

How does Tenga massage look like?

Everybody needs to completely „switch off” from time to time, and recharge one´s batteries for the days to come. In the long term, services of massage salons are a favorite solution. Why not to try right now a Tenga massage, which our beautiful masseuses will provide you in the cosy environment of our salon? The initial phase, in fact, is essentially a classical erotic massage in which you experience erotic excitement.

Then, however, it will be time for the TENGA egg, applied by a masseuse with the help of lubricant. The inside texture of the egg invokes pleasant titillations resulting in ecstasy. You will leave totally satisfied. Are you now interested in Tenga massage? Contact us, make an appointment and soon you can try it yourself.

How to order a massage?

Massage can be ordered in three ways. By phone, on-line reservations and SMS.


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