Erotic prostate massage

Prostate massage provides a combination of positive health effects and exciting pleasure with a possible climax. The gorgeous sexy masseuse knows the male body perfectly and she also knows how to carry out massage to achieve relaxation including orgasm. Do you know why prostate massage is important besides excitement and eroticism?

Prostate massage helps health

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that is located under the bladder. Sedentary lifestyle results in its enlargement, which has a negative effect on erection or frequency of urination.
As early as after the first massage, the prostate becomes smaller and the health problems related to enlarged prostate are reduced. Through regular prostate massage, you will achieve a healthier life and you will also get a source of very intense excitement.

The course of prostate massage with a beautiful masseuse

Before the actual massage, the masseuse informs you about the whole course and listens to your ideas and desires. This is followed by a pleasant shower that the masseuse may have with you. The massage is done through the anal opening, so the masseuse prepares and relaxes you with a gentle massage in this area. With enough lubricating gel and your relaxation, it will be a very enjoyable and exciting experience. Prostate massage often ends with orgasm and a multiple orgasm during a single massage is not rare.

Professional prostate massage guarantees a pleasant experience

The masseuse is experienced; she knows how to achieve your relaxation. If this is your first anal entry, it would be a great choice to choose the services of our professional masseuse who will do her best for you to get an amazing experience. Prostate massage has long been considered a homosexual practice until heterosexual men have discovered how pleasant it is! Open the door to a whole new world of pleasure that you will want again and again.

The prostate massage may include massage of intimate parts but sexual intercourse cannot be required, not even for additional charge.

How to order a massage?

Massage can be ordered in three ways. By phone, on-line reservations and SMS.


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